Runner is a launch menu for X Window System. It is meant to start fast and give access to often used programs but also run any command. It's also optimized for keyboard usage.


  • configurable list of programs
  • integrated dialog to run an arbitrary command including arguments
  • unlimited command history
  • completion for programs in history file and PATH variable
  • keyboard support in popup menu for fast access with type ahead filtering


Runner menu

selected entry

Filtered entries (after pressing "t")

Run dialog with history

Command completion from history

Command completion from $PATH

Runner is free software released under the GNU General Public License V2 or later.

Runner is (C) 2012 Ralf Hoffmann.


The current release is Runner 0.2 (276 kB) (signature) from 2012-06-10.


  • 2012-06-10: Version 0.2
    added option -r to directly start the run dialog
  • 2012-04-25: Version 0.1
    first release


  • a POSIX compatible system and a C++11 compiler (GNU C++ 4.4 or later recommended)
  • X Window System


Just the regular stuff: ./configure && make && make install


The list of commands listed in the popup menu can be configured by editing the file $HOME/.runner/program_list. An example file can be found in examples/. The format is:
name=<name of the program shown in the menu>
program=<command to execute>
Any number of these entries can be added.


Just execute "runner" or bind it to some key in your favorite window manager.