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2016-04-24: Worker 3.8.3

Most visible changes:
  • improved relative symlink generation
  • improved path database update
  • fixed X11 out-of-memory issue
Download it and read all changes.

2016-02-01: Worker 3.8.2

Most visible changes: All changes: Change Log

2015-10-10: Worker 3.8.1

Most visible changes:
  • improved text view to show more information about search matches.
  • added case-insensitive sort mode.
All changes: Change Log

2015-07-18: Worker 3.8.0

Most visible changes:
  • new command to change columns in the list view.
  • added some tool tips for buttons and show commands executed by context menus.
All changes: Change Log

2015-06-05: Worker 3.7.1

Most visible changes:
  • udisks version 2 can be used to mount and unmount devices as well
  • the path jump feature now also stores the last access time to make it easier to find recently used entries
All changes: Change Log

2015-05-08: Worker 3.7.0

Most visible changes:
  • the copy commands get new options to adjust symlinks and to ensure some file permissions.
  • new change time command to modify file modification and last access time.
  • the change symlink command allows to change relative symlinks to absolute symlinks and vice versa
All changes: Change Log

2015-03-21: Worker 3.6.2

Most visible changes: All changes: Change Log

2015-02-14: Worker 3.6.1

Most visible new features:
  • support extended regular expressions for file types
  • popup menu improvements
All changes: Change Log

2015-01-08: Worker 3.6.0

Most visible new features: All changes: Change Log

2014-11-08: Worker 3.5.2

Most visible new feature: All changes: Change Log

2014-10-02: Worker 3.5.1

Most visible new feature:
  • Start prog dialog allows using {...} flags for interactive command execution.
All changes: Change Log

2014-08-16: Worker 3.5.0

Most visible new features:
  • configurable info line
  • advanced configuration of UI elements via faces
All changes: Change Log

2014-06-09: Worker 3.4.1

Most visible new features:
  • added breadcrumb navigation to access previous and parent directories easier.
  • the copy dialog for background operations stays opened after the copy has been finished. This behavior can be changed in the dialog.
All changes: Change Log

2014-05-01: Worker 3.4.0

Most visible new features:
  • It is now possible to let a copy/move operation be continued in background instead of blocking Worker.
  • new registered command "go_to_previous_dir" which jumps backwards through the dir cache. By default it is bound to Backspace.
All changes: Change Log

2014-03-06: Worker 3.3.3, the 15th anniversary release!

Most visible new features:
  • new registered command "flatten_dir" which puts all files in the current directory and its subdirectories into a flat list of files as a virtual directory. Command can be accessed via button, eval_command in scriptop, or command menu.
  • filter select/unselect (Numblock /,*) automatically selects the best matching pattern from history or file ending.
  • path jump stores also the file accessed after using the path jump UI or jumping to a bookmark.
  • added new file type "broken symlink" (and actual isBrokenSymlink test in extended file type test) to allow custom commands and colors.
All changes: Change Log

2014-01-20: Worker 3.3.0

Most visible new features: All changes: Change Log

Older news

2013-12-16Worker 3.2.1 released.
2013-11-18Worker 3.2.0 released.
2013-10-06Worker 3.1.0 released.
2013-06-24Worker 3.0.0 released.
2012-11-22Worker 2.19.6 released.
2012-09-04Worker 2.19.5 released.
2012-07-05Worker 2.19.4 released.
2012-06-15Worker 2.19.3 released.
2012-03-29Worker 2.19.2 released.
2012-02-19Worker 2.19.1 released.
2012-01-31Worker 2.19.0 released.
2011-09-30Worker 2.18.1 released.
2011-07-15Worker 2.18.0 released.
2011-06-02Worker 2.17.13 released.
2011-05-27Worker 2.17.12 released.
2011-03-17Worker 2.17.11 released.
2011-01-30Worker 2.17.10 released.
2010-08-31Worker 2.17.9 released.
2010-06-24Worker 2.17.8 released.
2010-06-16Worker 2.17.7 released.
2010-03-01Worker 2.17.6 released.
2009-11-10Worker 2.17.5 released.
2009-06-02Worker 2.17.4 released.
2009-03-12Worker 2.17.3 released.
2009-03-06Worker 2.17.2 released.
2008-12-18Worker 2.17.1 released.
2008-11-11Worker 2.17.0 released.
2008-07-03Worker 2.16.5 released.
2008-07-01Worker 2.16.4 released.
2008-04-17Worker 2.16.3 released.
2008-02-11Worker 2.16.2 released.
2007-12-03Worker 2.16.1 released.
2007-11-08Worker 2.16.0 released.
2007-06-07Worker 2.15.0 released.
2007-03-22Worker 2.14.4 released.
2007-03-19Worker 2.14.3 released.
2007-01-30Worker 2.14.2 released.
2006-11-12Worker 2.14.1 released.
2006-09-12Worker 2.14.0 released.
There is a new search command. You can read about it in the wiki.
2006-07-21Worker 2.13.1 released.
2006-06-22Worker 2.13.0 released.
2006-05-03Worker 2.12.0 released.
2006-03-06Worker 2.11.2 released. There is now also a wiki for the documentation available.
2005-12-15Worker 2.11.1 released.
2005-10-25Worker 2.11.0 released.
2005-07-25Worker 2.10.2 released.
A new AVFS version is also available.
2005-06-23Worker 2.10.1 released.
A new AVFS version is also available.
There is now also a mailing list for user discussions.
2005-04-06Worker 2.10.0 released.
The documentation was also updated to cover the new virtual file system. New filetypes are available on the AddOns page.
2004-12-20Worker 2.9.0 released.
The documentation was also updated to cover new hierarchical filetypes.
2004-07-28Worker 2.8.5 released.
The newsletter was discontinued. You can subcribe for new released on
2004-03-17Worker 2.8.4 released
2003-12-18Worker 2.8.3 released.
Additionally the documentation package was slightly updated again.
2003-11-26Worker 2.8.2 released.
Additionally the documentation package was updated so it can be installed with "./configure && make install".
2003-08-17Worker 2.8.1 released
2003-06-08Worker 2.8.0 released
2003-04-27Worker 2.7.1 released.
Unfortunately I lost all newsletter entries so if you still want a message when I release a new version (and you didn't got one for the 2.7.1 version) please re-subcribe.
2002-10-26Worker 2.7.0 released
2002-08-26Worker 2.6.1 released
2002-08-18Worker 2.6.0 released.
I also added a new section "AddOns", where you can download new filetypes, buttons and hotkeys.
2002-06-21"fink" package for Mac OS X, thanks to Sylvain Cuaz
2002-05-26new Worker version 2.5.0
changed documentation
there is now also a slackware-package
2002-04-06new Worker version 2.4.0
2002-01-09new Worker version 2.3.1
2001-12-22homepage update
affected sections:
  • Download
    added links to RPMs
  • Requirements
  • Feedback
    no email-client needed any longer
slightly changed documentation
2001-11-05new Worker version 2.3.0
2001-07-08new Worker version 2.2.2
2001-05-08new Worker version 2.2.1
2001-03-20new Worker version 2.2.0
2001-03-01version 2.1.0
2001-02-05version 2.0.2
2001-01-10version 2.0.1
2001-01-06version 2.0.0
2000-08-06There is now a Worker-mirror, look at Downloads
2000-01-23Version 1.3.3, online documentation
1999-09-17Version 1.3.2
1999-09-08Version 1.3.1
1999-05-16Version 1.3.0
1999-04-29Version 1.2.0
1999-03-30Version 1.1.0
1999-03-06first release