• UN*X like operation system (POSIX compatible)
  • X Window System
And if you want (or have) to compile it yourself:
  • C++ compiler with (partial) C++11 support (gcc >= 4.6 recommended)
  • and the X11 headers and library files, which should be available in every graphical UN*X-system (but perhaps for some (many) linux distributions you need the xdevel (or similar) package)
  • AVFS can be used for virtual file system support (entering archives, FTP, ...). The current version can be downloaded here.
  • Library dbus-glib-1 for uDisks support or hal, hal-storage, and dbus-glib-1 for HAL support
  • libmagic can also be used for an improved file type recognition. Libmagic is part of the "file" project.
  • XLI for use as image viewer for the "show image mode"
    Although this is a rather old program, it knows many formats (including the most important jpeg, png and gif) and it can draw to any x-window which is needed for this mode.
    But worker can be easily configured to use an other image-program which provides this feature.

    There is also a new version from a different author which reads more formats!
    You can download both versions from the download page
  • ImageMagick can also be used as image viewer.
    It knows much more image types but it's also slower then xli.

Worker is known to run on the following systems (this is not a complete list):
  • various GNU/Linux distributions:
    • Slackware
    • Suse
    • Debian
    • Redhat
    • Mandrake
    • Gentoo
  • Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • AIX
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows (using Cygwin)