HVL-Replayer is a console music player for the Hively Tracker format, a music tracker format from the Amiga.

Current versions of the command line player are hard to find so I took the last version I could found (http://phd-sid.ethz.ch/debian/hivelytracker/old/) and updated the replay code to the latest hivelytracker version. You can download the version below. There is also a git repo for the command line tool.

HVL-Replayer is from Peter Gordon licensed under BSD 3-clause.


The current version is hvl-replayer 1.3 (15 kB) (signature) from 2020-01-02.


Basically only a C compiler and SDL is required. The tool is intended for Linux, but it might work on other OSs as well. You can find binaries for other players for other systems at the Hively Tracker web page

Build instructions

There is just a very simple Makefile, so just
$ make
should build the binary

Git repo

git clone http://www.boomerangsworld.de/cms/git/hvl_replayer.git

Last Commits:

Other resources

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