XPK is packer library originated from the Amiga. It can decompress SQSH, RLEN, and GZIP compressed XPK files.

This is a port of the Amiga code to Unix and the last version is quite old and does not work on current 64-bit version. So I have fixed all known 64-bit problems and compiler warnings so it cleanly compiles and runs on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

XPK is from Vesa Halttunen licensed under GPL-v2.


The current version is xpk-0.1.4-rh2 (524 kB) (signature) from 2022-08-10.


Basically only a C compiler is required.

Build instructions

$ ./configure <options>
$ make
$ make install
The CLI tools are installed in the $prefix/bin directory. Make sure the $prefix/lib or $prefix/lib64 is part of your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH since the actual decompression libraries are dynamically loaded.

Other resources

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