Pinpoint is an excellent presentation tool which looks nice and does not focus on features. The presentation file is just plain text with some annotations and only very limited formatting features.

Pinpoint presentations focus on content not visual effects. It is a standalone application for showing the slides but it can create pdf as well.

I very much like simple markup syntax like asciidoc so it is natural that I like asciidoc slidy too, which is a nice presentation tool. You can use any asciidoc syntax and generate standalone html/javascript presentations. Unfortunately there is no pdf output. A speaker screen is also a nice thing to have. So I found Pinpoint which basically also uses a text format for slide description but comes with a presentation tool to show the slides. It also supports fade effects if you want to have nice slide changes. More importantly, it supports a separate speaker screen and also has a rehearsal mode to measure the time per slide which helps you to keep in time.

Yet, I missed some feature so I patched the latest release 0.1.6 to support the following extra things:

Download the pinpoint-0.1.6-rh1.diff (25 kB) and apply it to pinpoint-0.1.6.