Worker file manager


Worker Screenshots

Worker 3.2.1

alternative Worker design
(Thanks to Sascha Hunold for the Screenshot)

Worker running in Windows under cygwin
(Thanks to Conor Boyd for the Screenshot)

Worker 2.11.0 with vertical buttons

Worker 2.11.0 with vertical buttons and listviews

Worker 2.11.0 with vertical listviews

Worker 2.11.0 copying some files

the "show image mode"

File search

File search

File search

File search

Additional search options

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Text view mode

Volume manager
Worker Configuration

Language selection

Palette configuration

User interface colors

Font configuration

Mouse button configuration

Button configuration

Path configuration

File type configuration

Hotkey configuration

List view configuration

Column configuration

Date and time configuration

Initial directories

Terminal configuration

Directory buffers

Clock bar configuration

Main window layout configuration

Configuration import and export