Worker file manager

Worker documentation

Introduction to basic features

Learn the basics about Worker (in other words: What you should know when using Worker).

The next step: More features

Read about features which are nice to know when using Worker.

Advanced features

Here you can find information about advanced features which usually increase the productivity.

Multi language

If you want to translate Worker into a different language, read the translation page for details.

Specific topics and features

  • File search
    Worker comes with a built-in search. There are some more information available.
  • Bookmarks
    It's possible to store frequently used directories in a list of directory bookmarks for fast access (using find-as-you-type).
  • Context menu
    Arbitrary commands can be assigned to file types and accessed with the context menu. Read on to learn about how to add new entries to the context menu.
  • Volume manager
    Worker comes with a volume manager to mount and unmount devices. It supports HAL for flexible access to removable storage devices like DVDs or USB memory.
  • Image mode
    Worker can show highlighted images in the inactive pane, read more.
  • Font configuration
    Read about how to change the fonts used in Worker and how to deal with different encodings.
  • Quick reference
    Many features may be accessed with hotkeys. Here is a list of important hotkeys.
  • Configuration
    There is a builtin graphical configuration.
  • FAQ.
  • List of commands
You can read about all other feature descriptions as well.