Worker file manager


  • UN*X like operation system (POSIX compatible)
  • X Window System
And if you want (or have) to compile it yourself:
  • C++ compiler with C++17 support (gcc >= 7.0 recommended)
  • and the X11 headers and library files, which should be available in every graphical UN*X-system (but perhaps for some (many) linux distributions you need the libX11-devel or libx11-dev (or similar) package)
  • AVFS can be used for virtual file system support (entering archives, FTP, ...). The current version can be downloaded here.
  • Library libdbus-glib-1-dev or dbus-1-glib-devel, and udisks or udisks2 for uDisks support or hal, hal-storage, and libdbus-glib-1-dev or dbus-1-glib-devel for HAL support
  • libmagic can also be used for an improved file type recognition. Libmagic is part of the "file" project.
    Packages are libmagic-dev or file-devel.
  • XLI for use as image viewer for the "show image mode"
    Although this is a rather old program, it knows many formats (including the most important jpeg, png and gif) and it can draw to any x-window which is needed for this mode.
    But worker can be easily configured to use an other image-program which provides this feature.

    There is also a new version from a different author which reads more formats!
    You can download both versions from the download page
  • ImageMagick can also be used as image viewer.
    It knows much more image types but it's also slower then xli.
  • libxinerama-dev or libXinerama-devel for improved window placing
  • lua-devel or liblua5.x-dev for scripting
  • libxft-dev or libXft-devel for improved XFT based font rendering

Worker is known to run on the following systems (this is not a complete list):