Worker file manager

Volume manager

Worker includes a volume manager that can be used to mount and unmount available devices in an easy manner. It supports HAL and uDisks if either is available on the system so it is possible to mount devices without root privileges or tweaking around with the fstab file. Entries in the fstab file can also be handled so even if HAL or uDisks is not available the volume manager is still useful.

The corresponding UI can be accessed with Alt+v. The volume manager UI presents a list of available devices. The list consists of the actual device name (which may be symbolic), the current mount point (if mounted), and a supposed mount point (if available). You can select any entry and mount or unmount it by clicking on the corresponding button. You can change the current directory to the directory at which the devices is mounted. A mount point can be used for several entries if it shares the same actual device. That might happen if there are multiple entries in the fstab file for same device (for example, with different mount options). By selecting the corresponding entry you can choose which one to mount.

If a mount or unmount command fails, an error message is shown at the bottom of the window.

You can also decide to ignore some devices, for example, if some cannot be mounted or you don't have enough rights to do so. That might be the case for the root partition or swap partitions. A button at the right hand side opens a window to managed the list of ignored devices.

If new devices become available (e.g., an USB device has been connected or a DVD has been inserted) but the volume manager is not opened, a message will appear in the statebar to inform you about the new devices.

Device with trays can also be opened and closed with the volume manager.

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