Worker file manager

1. Bookmarks and labels

Worker 2.15.0 introduces a bookmark system for storing frequently used directories for fast and easy access (using find-as-you-type). The bookmark system is also used for storing labeled entries (Worker 2.17.0). Labels with different colors may be assigned to entries to make it easier to find important files.

1.1. Features

1.2. Usage

1.2.1. Adding a bookmark

If you want to store a directory in the bookmark list, just go to the directory and open the bookmark browser by clicking on the button "Bookmarks" or pressing Meta+b. Click on "Add bookmark" and select which kind of bookmark you want to store. The dialog shows up to three options.

The first option is always available, selecting it just stores the current directory as a bookmark. If an entry is currently active in the directory, you can also select to highlight this entry when jumping to this bookmark. The third option is available if the active entry is a directory. In this case you can also choose to store this directory as a bookmark instead of the current directory.

1.2.2. Jumping to a bookmark

Open the bookmark list by clicking on "Bookmarks" or pressing Meta+b. Select the bookmark by clicking on it. You can also select it by using the cursor up and down keys. Click on "Jump to directory" to close the window and activate the bookmark. Double clicking on the entry or just pressing Return has the same effect.

The bookmark dialog offers a bookmark search for quick access. Just enter some characters from the directory name and the list is filtered to only show matching bookmarks.

1.3. Labels

In Worker 2.17.0 any entry can also be labeled to mark important files. Each label may have an arbitrary color which will be used to highlighted labeled entries in the file view.

You can set or remove a label by opening the context menu for the corresponding entry (right-click in the default configuration). There is a sub-menu which let you choose the specific label. You may also choose to just bookmark this entry without any label.

It is also possible to directly open a popup menu for the labels only by pressing Alt-l. The menu shows the predefined lables from the configuration but also allows to enter arbitrary labels within the menu. Also, the previously used entry is highlighted by default to ease labeling multiple files with the same label (since Worker 3.16.1).

Since all labeled entries are stored in the bookmark system you can edit all labeled entries when opening the bookmark editor (alt-b in the default configuration).

Worker will also highlights directories which contain some labeled entries with the corresponding label color to make it easier to find important files.

There is also a bookmark filter which can be enabled (or disabled) interactively with the command "set filter". The default configuration contains a hotkey definition with ctrl+d (just like ctrl+s for string filter). You can choose a specific label from the popup menu and Worker will only display entries which are labeled or directories which contain labeled entries. That way you can browse all labeled entries without seeing all the unimportant files.