Worker file manager

Image Mode

If you have the xli package (get it from the download page) or ImageMagick you can use the Image Mode. With the shortcut Ctrl+b (configurable) the pane that is not active is turned into a scaled image viewer. To switch back to normal list view just press the same shortcut again. Just browse your images and the active entry will be shown in the other pane.

Using ImageMagick for the image mode

If you prefer
to the default
for image display mode, that's quite easy to accomplish.

Simply right-click on the list view bar, then left-click on the "show image mode" button and replace "xliwrapper_worker" with "displaywrapper_worker" or click on "Set to default viewer" to select the prefered viewer.

Or just edit

and replace any xliwrapper_worker with displaywrapper_worker. There should be two lines including the text xliwrapper_worker, one for the left pane and one for the right pane.

It might be necessary to give the full path to displaywrapper_worker, e.g.

depending on where these files are stored on the system..


On some systems you need to export the full path to the Xli or Imagemagik binary to get Image Mode to work. This is because some systems don't export the bin directory path these binaries are in to non-root users.

Open the file ~/.config/worker/scripts/xliwrapper_worker or ~/.config/worker/scripts/displaywrapper_worker, depending on what you're using, in your favorite editor and add this line just below the comment section (every comment line is started with the sign #):

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/bin/
Edit the /path/to/bin/ to wherever your Xli or Imagemagik binaries are, for instance /usr/X11/bin.

You have to restart worker to get the effect.