Worker file manager

Terminal program

In this section the default terminal program can be configured that is used whenever an external command is executed in a terminal.

If the chosen terminal does not wait for the given program to finish, the option "Terminal returns early" must be selected. For instance, xfce4-terminal and gnome-terminal behave that way so the programs immediately return while the actual program is still being executed. On the other hand, the default terminal program xterm exits after the given program has finished so the option does not need to be enabled.

Note: It is not recommended to use a terminal which returns early as multiple own commands within a command list will not wait for each other. This may break complex command lists for file types, buttons, etc.

The placeholder %s is replace with the name of a temporary shell file containing the commands to execute. The file will be executable, but if the tmp dir is mounted with the option "noexec", direct execution is not possible and /bin/sh %s should be used as part of the argument for the terminal.

When the option "Terminal returns early" is enabled, the placeholder %s is replaced with multiple arguments for a wrapper script so if a different terminal than the default one is configured, it must support multiple arguments.