Worker file manager

User interface colors

This is where to change the default colors of worker. Simply click on the Foreground or Background buttons beside the item you wish to change the appearance of. The color palette as defined in the Palette section will appear.

Working with the panel colors can get a little confusing, especially if you mix up the meanings of selected and active. Active means any file or directory that the cursor is currently on. Press the up or down arrows and this should be apparent. Selected is any file or directory that has been explicitly selected by you. Press the insert button on your keyboard to see this.


Since Worker 3.5.0, the concept of "faces" has been introduced. This allows more flexibility for configuring the appearance of Worker. Basically, a face describes a specific UI element. A face may be derived from another face so that a color from a parent face also applies for the derived faces, if not overwritten. For example, the text and background color of an UI element may be derived from the default text color and default background color. Changing these colors will automatically change the text colors of many UI elements as well. If a face is unset, the color of the parent element will be used.

The following table contains all faces and their meaning:
default-fg/bgDefault text color and background color
3d-brightColor used for 3D effect (usually white or some other bright color)
3d-darkColor used for 3D effect (usually black or some other dark color)
button-fg/bgText and background color of buttons
button-special1-fg/bgText and background color of buttons with a special meaning
button-alt-fg/bgText and background color of the alternate function of buttons
popup-fg/bgThe text and background color for popup menus
popup-submenu-arrowThe color of the arrow indicating submenus
popup-edit-field-bgThe background color for edit fields in popup menus
popup-highlight-fgThe foreground color of highlighted popup entries
stringgadget-selection-fg/bgText and background color of selection in text fields
stringgadget-active-fg/bgText and background color of active text fields
textview-fg/bgText and background color of text view elements
textview-selection-fg/bgText and background color of selected text in text view elements
textview-highlight-fg/bgText and background color of highlighted lines in text view elements
listview-normal-fg/bgText and background color of regular list view elements
listview-select-fg/bgText and background color of selected list view elements
listview-active-fg/bgText and background color of active list view elements
listview-selact-fg/bgText and background color of selected and active list view elements