Worker file manager

1. Pattern select

The "pattern select" command allows to interactively select files based on a specific pattern.

When executed, a dialog appears showing all previously used pattern to select from. It is also possible to enter a pattern to use. By default, the pattern is only applied to files. If directories should be matched instead, use a leading slash before the actual pattern.

By default, the pattern is automatically selected from the history which matches the current file, or if no entry in the history matches, the file ending is used. An command option can be set in the configuration so that always a fixed pattern is used instead.

1.1. Command options

The option "use best matching filter from history or file ending" is enabled by default. It will make the dialog described above select the filter string automatically. If this option is disabled, a fixed string can be entered instead.

The option "Apply filter immediately" will select the files matching the entered pattern directly without asking for the filter first. This option cannot be used with the option for best matching filter as it would be unclear which filter would be applied.

2. Pattern unselect

This is the equivalent command for unselected files. All options and features are otherwise the same as for the "pattern select" command.