Worker file manager

1. View newest files

The "View newest files" command searches the current directory for the newest file (including all sub-directories) and shows a list of files modified at the same day as the newest file. This commands allows for easily continue work on a file set modified at some day in the past, especially if those files are spread in multiple sub-directories. The result list can be panelized in the main window.

When started, the command opens a window and scans the current directory. When done, the matching files are shown. You can choose to span more days by clicking on the corresponding buttons or using the cursor up/down keys.

You can also select some of the result files and panelize only those entries in the main window, if not all matches are actually of interest.

The command respects the current filter settings so that files and directories hidden due to filters are not considered for the newest file and all files within the selected time span.

1.1. Default key binding

In the default config this command is bound to "Ctrl-x n".