Worker file manager

Tab profiles

The "Tab profiles" command allows to save the currently opened tabs and reload them at a later point in time. Multiple profiles can be used to distinguish between different sessions.

When starting the command, a window opens to save or load tabs. The window contains two tabs, one for saving the current set of tabs, and a second one for loading back tabs.

When saving, you can enter an arbitrary profile name or select any of the existing profiles to overwrite. If the profiles already exists, Worker will ask to overwrite it. Otherwise, the set of opened tabs are directly written to the corresponding profile.

The load tab allows to select any of the existing profiles. A text field is available to filter the list of profiles accordingly to the entered string. On the right hand side, the content of the profile currently selected in the left hand side list view is shown. You can then choose the open the set of tabs, or to also remove the profile after opening it successfully. This is useful for temporary profiles which you just want to restore the next time you start Worker but otherwise don't want to keep forever. There is also a "remove" button to remove the selected profile without opening it.