Worker file manager

Flag replacement

Worker replaces placeholders (flags) with actual file names when starting external programs (and in some other places too). Basically there are two different types: A placeholder can be replaced by the name of the first selected entry (file or directory) or by all selected entries.

When executing a command Worker builds a temporary list of all selected entries. For the "first selected entry" Worker uses the first entry in this list, for "all selected entries" Worker uses all entries in the list.

However, although it says "first/all selected" not in every case it does what it says. It depends on the context what will be inserted in the list and eventually replaced for a placeholder.

Usually there is no need to think about the difference as in most cases it does the expected replacement.

Some words about reusing of some entries: In normal operation the entry is removed from the list when it is replaced in a command string. For example using {f} twice will not results in a double insertion of the same file name but in the insertion of the first and second selected file. It is possible to prevent this by using the "no unselect" modifier for the flag (in this example {uf}). This way the file remains in the list and will be used for another flag replacement.