Worker file manager

Registered commands

Registered commands are commands that are specific for a list view mode and cannot not be directly selected when configuring buttons, hotkeys, and file types. Instead, those commands can be accessed via the command menu or via the "ScriptOp" command.

These commands are always executed by the active list view mode. If a command is started but the currently active mode does not support it, a note will appear.

List of registered commands

flatten_dir creates and shows a virtual directory containing a flat list of all files in the current directory and its sub-directories
flatten_dir_follow_symlinks like flatten_dir but it follows symlinks to directories
vdir_from_selected creates and shows a virtual directory containing all selected entries from the current directory.
vdir_add_selected_from_other_side adds all selected entries from the inactive panel into the current virtual directory. If the current directory is a real one, a new virtual directory will be created.
activate_path_input activates the path input field of the active list view
new_tab creates a new tab
close_current_tab closes the current tab
toggle_lock_current_tab Lock or unlock the current tab. In locked state it cannot be closed but the shown directory can be changed without restrictions.
open_current_tab_menu opens the tab menu for the current tab
enter_active enters the active entry (like pressing return)
go_to_previous_dir goes to the previous entry in the cache of directories
open_label_popup opens the popup window for the labels of the current entry
parentdir goes to the parent directory of the current directory
recenter_top_bottom centers the current entry in the list view, or put it to the top if it is already centered, or put it to the bottom if it is already at the top
invertall inverts the selection of all entries
selectall select all entries
selectentry selects the current entry and activates next line.
Optional argument: positive or negative number (or "pageup"/"pagedown"/"p"/"-p"): sets the number of entries to select (the sign determines the direction, negative means up, positive down).
selectnone unselect all entries
simulate_doubleclick starts the double click action of the current entry
up moves cursor up
down moves cursor down
pagedown moves cursor down by a page
pageup moves cursor up by a page
first moves cursor to the first entry
last moves cursor to the last entry