Worker file manager

1. Text viewer

The text viewer shows the content of files as regular text. There are two ways of accessing this viewer: the internal text view command and the quick view mode.

1.1. Viewer with separate window

The internal text view command opens a new window with the content of the active file. The dialog allows to toggle word wrapping and line numbering. It is possible to jump to a given line and to search for some text.

The search can be activated by clicking into the text field, or by pressing "/". Doing so will start searching for the entered string from the top visible line. There is also a button to search for the next match, pressing enter will do the same. Another button searches backwards for the previous match. The third button will restart the search from the very beginning of the document.

1.2. Quick view

The quick view mode is a separate panel mode that can be enabled by accessing the panel mode configuration (right click on the list view bar). In the default configuration the key Ctrl+v will toggle this mode.

1.3. Key bindings

ltoggle line numbering
wtoggle word wrapping
Ctrl+ljumps to a line
/ or Ctrl+fsearches for a string
Enter or nJump to next match
pJump to previous match
F3, F10 or qcloses window