Worker file manager

List view bar

Information shown

The list view bar on top of each side (above the list view) displays the following information: The first character stands for the sort mode currently used to sort the files and directories (N = sort by name, S = sort by size,...). The next character (if visible) indicates that the entries are reverse sorted. The third character "H" indicates (if visible) that hidden files are not shown. At fourth position an asterisk indicates an active filter.

The following text shows the name of currently active mode of the corresponding area below the list view bar. The most important mode is the "normal file lister" which list files of any directory. Other modes are the "information mode "for displaying detailed information about an entry and the "show image mode" for displaying images in the area below.

Switch and configure modes

By right-clicking on the list view bar, a dialog opens which allows to switch between the supported modes, e.g. the directory mode, the text mode, etc.

Some modes can be configured by clicking on the configure button.